there is such a thing called emotional abuse

there is such a thing called emotional abuse- and I can’t take any of it anymore.

I am no longer me; I am a messed up me. I am unable to form normal relationships with people. I seek everyone and anyone to put my trust into just so we can have a close relationship and in the end, it only hurts me more because people cannot be trusted. 

I can’t have a normal bond with someone I love. If things awry, i always think it’s my fault… even when it’s not

I always need someone to talk to, because you’re never there. Whenever I want to say something, you put me down  

I criticize myself because you must be right, you have to be, 

I just want to have a normal relationship with everyone. Is it that much to ask for?

everyone has a breaking point- and mine is long past due

so here’s to you- and all the messed up shit you do to make me so fucking screwed up

if anyone ever needs me, I’ll always be here




One day, I want to roll over and find my bestfriend, my love, laying there with messy hair and wrinkled skin from the way he slept and sleepy eyes and have him wake up next to me every morning. That day, when it comes, I will be the happiest person on Earth.


my aesthetic is a mix between “don’t fucking touch me I’m too punk rock for you” and “dresses with flowers and real life flowers and nature and animals and yay”




Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery’s account of being arrested last night in Ferguson


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